Espressione !

Demonstration of views, perceptions has always been tough.
Life is a cruise journey, we never know what could be the possible direction but if anything goes wrong we’ll end up drowning!

The verb expressing is a dominant activity a human can afford.
Expressing could be in different forms. Be it via dance, music, writing, art etc.
The most beautiful sense of expressions come through the language of colours and contours where a human can communicate through vibrant colours.
To express ourself via the language of art, a person doesn’t need to have command over it. It’s all about going with our emotions and picking up orange, blue, green, yellow or whatsoever pleases our consciousness ’cause filing the sombre shadows of our existence along with inconsequential world and imprinting journey of our life on a live canvas will always have the value of its own!



Consensual Emotions and feelings when painted on a white base forms an abstract.

She, the beautiful existent soul in this world is full of colours. Her life depicts the different shades it experiences during its course. Colours are the life and so are her emotions and feelings when painted abruptly on a white platform, which gave a realistic meaning to her existence.

Each colour described in this art work gives an elaborate meaning of her thoughts. Thoughts of survival, love, perception to grow and sow, unification and ideas to amalgamate all her feelings into one.

  • Blue – Took her into the depths of her emotions and the instability shook her off the shore of calmness.
  • Red- Honour to the fierceness and zeal for the continuity for the survival.
  • Yellow- Her thought’s luminosity for her happiness between every shade of gloomy existence.
  • Green- Her ideas for growing into something unknown.

Art is our mere thoughts and sensations that get imprinted on their own in any form, when portray through the medium of colours. Disruption and the essence of tranquillity are two sides of art, mixed with emotions!

When art is into Kala

Unspoken words and feelings when painted or drawn on a plain surface is considered as “ART“.
The dexterity in human hands via the triumph of emotions on canvas has a value of its own. It doesn’t matter if it is drawn by a famous artist or a struggling artist.The only thing that matters is the essence of chrome which says it all.
Whatever seen on a painted surface could be the feelings expressed for beloved , a child, for the nation or could be the feeling of consensus. Each subtle ounce has its meaning describing different genre of emotions (Dark, light, festive, gay), changes with every expression of an artist.
A non-living painting has a vibrant and vivid aura which seems flamboyant and tinted like a rainbow filling up solemn existence of a canvas.
In the name of love for the canvas, lets knit our dreams in a painted world with a positive sunshine while burning the negatives- Lets pledge to create an established history.