Hunt for Artist!

Art is a source of muse, motivation and reflection of our inner peace. It is the true source of history
and a medium that allows people to experience the glories of their past. Art is a language with colors
and brushes as its grammar that an artist uses to give shape to the omnipresent and touch every life in
its own way.
KalaArt is a venture dedicated in the service of Art, established in the year 2017, with an intent to
promote its every shape and form. We offer an online platform to all the artists, budding or bloomed,
to express their art through our website and mark their presence in the world. Through KalaArt, you
will experience an expansion in your visibility and thus prospective to create a potential professional
niche for your art.
As embodied in our name, we value art both contemporary and ancient. With us you have a chance to
make your contribution to the global culturalism and Art history of the human civilization!

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Top 5 reasons for the usage of art

• Art has its own language for the respective eras- ex; Harappan art, Mesopotamian, Mayan art etc.

• Art is all about the science!

• Art is mystery as it’s a store house of various mysteries of this world- Egyptian, Buddhist art are some notable examples.

• You can hide the truth via art. (La Giaconda is the best example-)

• Art has perspectives for the different humans. You can describe your own perspective via any form of the art. (Per se- the scream by edvard munch could be the psycho analysis for the interpreter on thee other hand it could be munch’s inspiration from peruvian mummies. )


Top 10 reasons for the existence of art. 

1. Art is a source of muse. 

2. Art is peace. 

3. You can travel around the world via art. (If you can’t go to a beach then you can have a look at the works of Edgar degas, if you can’t afford Lille then we still have the works of Claude Money with us)

4. Art has completely different language and we can communicate via the language of colours and contours! 

5. Art is a friend. You can share anything with a sketchbook, colour and a canvas 

6. Art could be medical . You can anytime apply for art therapy . 

7. Art is a beauty for your home. 

8. Art is livelihood -( For the people like us! 😀 )

9. You can know the history via art. 

10. Art itself has its own perspectives! 
Why to think twice? Let’s do some art now! 

Espressione !

Demonstration of views, perceptions has always been tough.
Life is a cruise journey, we never know what could be the possible direction but if anything goes wrong we’ll end up drowning!

The verb expressing is a dominant activity a human can afford.
Expressing could be in different forms. Be it via dance, music, writing, art etc.
The most beautiful sense of expressions come through the language of colours and contours where a human can communicate through vibrant colours.
To express ourself via the language of art, a person doesn’t need to have command over it. It’s all about going with our emotions and picking up orange, blue, green, yellow or whatsoever pleases our consciousness ’cause filing the sombre shadows of our existence along with inconsequential world and imprinting journey of our life on a live canvas will always have the value of its own!


Hello All,

KalaArt is a new venture wherein we are endeavoring to provide a medium for artists from all all over to sell their art online. We are currently in our inception and are approaching artists who would be interested to sell their paintings or other arts.

We are currently operating through our Instagram account (kala.art513) and are in the process of setting up a website for a bigger market. Please visit our page for further information.

If you are interested, please mail us as and we will get in touch with you.