1. Edgar degas 

 2. Claude Monet 

 3. Jacques louis david 


Top 5 reasons for the usage of art

• Art has its own language for the respective eras- ex; Harappan art, Mesopotamian, Mayan art etc.

• Art is all about the science!

• Art is mystery as it’s a store house of various mysteries of this world- Egyptian, Buddhist art are some notable examples.

• You can hide the truth via art. (La Giaconda is the best example-)

• Art has perspectives for the different humans. You can describe your own perspective via any form of the art. (Per se- the scream by edvard munch could be the psycho analysis for the interpreter on thee other hand it could be munch’s inspiration from peruvian mummies. )


Top 10 reasons for the existence of art. 

1. Art is a source of muse. 

2. Art is peace. 

3. You can travel around the world via art. (If you can’t go to a beach then you can have a look at the works of Edgar degas, if you can’t afford Lille then we still have the works of Claude Money with us)

4. Art has completely different language and we can communicate via the language of colours and contours! 

5. Art is a friend. You can share anything with a sketchbook, colour and a canvas 

6. Art could be medical . You can anytime apply for art therapy . 

7. Art is a beauty for your home. 

8. Art is livelihood -( For the people like us! 😀 )

9. You can know the history via art. 

10. Art itself has its own perspectives! 
Why to think twice? Let’s do some art now!