Top 5 reasons for the usage of art

• Art has its own language for the respective eras- ex; Harappan art, Mesopotamian, Mayan art etc.

• Art is all about the science!

• Art is mystery as it’s a store house of various mysteries of this world- Egyptian, Buddhist art are some notable examples.

• You can hide the truth via art. (La Giaconda is the best example-)

• Art has perspectives for the different humans. You can describe your own perspective via any form of the art. (Per se- the scream by edvard munch could be the psycho analysis for the interpreter on thee other hand it could be munch’s inspiration from peruvian mummies. )


Author: kalaartistic

An endeavour to promote art and its significance in this contemporary world. Imprinting life on a live canvas. Per la passion dell’arte!

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