Consensual Emotions and feelings when painted on a white base forms an abstract.

She, the beautiful existent soul in this world is full of colours. Her life depicts the different shades it experiences during its course. Colours are the life and so are her emotions and feelings when painted abruptly on a white platform, which gave a realistic meaning to her existence.

Each colour described in this art work gives an elaborate meaning of her thoughts. Thoughts of survival, love, perception to grow and sow, unification and ideas to amalgamate all her feelings into one.

  • Blue – Took her into the depths of her emotions and the instability shook her off the shore of calmness.
  • Red- Honour to the fierceness and zeal for the continuity for the survival.
  • Yellow- Her thought’s luminosity for her happiness between every shade of gloomy existence.
  • Green- Her ideas for growing into something unknown.

Art is our mere thoughts and sensations that get imprinted on their own in any form, when portray through the medium of colours. Disruption and the essence of tranquillity are two sides of art, mixed with emotions!


Author: kalaartistic

An endeavour to promote art and its significance in this contemporary world. Imprinting life on a live canvas. Per la passion dell’arte!

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